GT Capital is a
venture contributor DAO

We back pioneers building the next generation of DeFi primitives and P2E games on Terra



Path 13

Offering validator services


Guardians of LUNAtics chat


Educating community members about everything related to Terra

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Sponsoring community efforts

E.g. Extraterrestial Finder and Terra Nuestra

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Creating dashboard & tools

E.g. HyperNova, Mirror’s front-end, Prism’s APR calculator

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Hosting Twitter Spaces


Advising and supporting new projects on Terra


Terra Money

Terra is a public blockchain protocol deploying a suite of algorithmic decentralised stablecoins which underpin a thriving ecosystem that brings DeFi to the masses.

Why GT Invested

Before GT was formed all members were avid Terra community members. We believe in the vision of decentralised money & have been working with and helping the community pursue that initiative ever since.

Ariel Money

Ariel is a decentralised protocol that offers perpetual contract trading. Users would be able to take leveraged long or short positions while being fully in control of their own funds.

Astral Money


Astral Money is a decentralised neobank that offers high yield and a near instant payment network in the most seamless way

Why GT Invested

Astral money completes the circle for crypto users with low fees and instant payments for goods and services. How could we not want to invest in a decentralised payment network that runs on Terra!

Atlo Launchpad

A.T.L.O. is a space industry acronym for Assembly, Test and Launch Operations. Atlo is a launchpad where all decisions are made through community governance. Builders engage with a committed, informed and liquid community dedicated to supporting great ideas. Investors decide what gets launched.

Why GT Invested

People are sick of bots sniping all the tokens with a standard launch, ATLO changes this by putting the power in the community. Crypto users love decentralisation, especially when it comes to token offerings. ATLO is the first community launchpad on terra where the community decides what to fund!

Deviants Faction

Deviants is the first ever P2E Trading Card Game in Terra that rewards the player using stablecoin, which brings a new dynamic to tokenomics of the P2E world.

Why GT Invested

Online cards games are big business, millions of players all around the world play them just to have fun. Now imagine a fraction of those players discovering they can now earn and play at the same time. Deviants Faction have developed the perfect recipe for P2E on Terra!


Fanfury is a virtual gaming metaverse that combines Daily Fantasy Sports, RPG Lore & Blockchain Mechanics, in a dystopian science fiction environment to easily introduce blockchain concepts into fantasy sports gameplay, and remove fundamental hurdles in the Fantasy Sports Industry.

Why GT Invested

Fantasy sports with blockchain backed data oracles built on the Terra Blockchain, means we get fast, secure, decentralised & an incorruptible way to play fantasy sports! With deflationary tokenomics and protocol owned liquidity. Fanfury are a very impressive team and we can’t wait for their protocol launch!

Kinetic Money

Kinetic Money is a DApp in Terra that will Auto-repay user loans and grant access to their future yields today.

Why GT Invested

With the ever expanding list of creative Defi protocols launching on Terra, Kinetic Money is set to hit it out of the park with their innovative idea! Auto repaying loans that grant you access to future yield is something truly needed on Terra.


Kujira is a liquidation protocol that is committed to levelling the playing field of liquidation across chains.

Why GT Invested

Kujira is in a class of its own. It’s the first blockchain protocol to democratise asset liquidation for the everyday crypto user. Quickly becoming an integral part of Terra and bringing stability to Anchor Protocol during volatile periods. 


Minerva is a DAO platform which will bring appreciating wine investments to users directly on the Terra blockchain. The DAO will select and verify providers of wine, who will be authorised to publish ADOs as proof of sale. Users will be able to use their ADOs as collateral, earning yield on wine as a primary market. When users wish to collect their wine bottles in physical form, the ADO will be burned after proof of delivery, with both artwork and part of the yield retained by users.

Why GT Invested

Minerva brings appreciating real world assets on-chain, empowering them with utility through NFTs and DeFi. The first asset brought on-chain will be wine.


Monsterra is a dual-chain NFT game that runs on both BSC and Terra networks that inspired by the Axie Infinity game’s pet world and the gameplay in Clash of Clan or Boom Beach of Supercell.

Why GT Invested

Monsterra inherits a lot of the great mechanics we see in some of the most addictive mobile games today, together with that and the fact they are dual-chain (BSC), we see Monsterra dominating well into the future.

One Planet

One Planet is a decentralised NFT marketplace  in Terra, that provides the ultimate user-friendly experience, allowing individuals to easily adapt NFTs into their daily lives.

Why GT Invested

One Planet, a very transparent team who are ambitious. They are enabling a marketplace for bridged NFTs to come to Terra with a beautiful UI & the community wins when deciding the future featured collections.

Rango Exchange

Rango is the fIrst multi-chain DEX aggregator with All-in-one swap mechanism for all coins in all blockchains.

Why GT Invested

Trying to swap tokens from one chain to another chain can be a hard task if you’re new to crypto. Rango is here to solve that problem by providing a simple user interface that finds the quickest and cheapest route to swap coins. With their simple but well-thought-out UI, we can see a future where Rango becomes the dominant super aggregator of crypto.


PlayNity is the first P2E Guild on Terra that will be the hub of all cross-chain DAO for Play-to-Earn game enthusiasts and investors.

Why GT Invested

PlayNity is the first Play 2 Earn cross-chain gaming guild on Terra! As P2E keeps on getting more and more popular, more people are discovering ways to have fun and earn money at the same time. PlayNity makes it easier to play games and earn.


Suberra is a payment infrastructure for Web 3.0, that allows merchants to accept recurring payments from users with Stablecoins to pay for things like subscriptions using Subberra software and APIs.

Why GT Invested

Recurring payments using cryptocurrency is the dream for the average Joe in crypto. Having the ability to automate your finances is game changing. Suberra has a very impressive team with a simple but genius idea.

Void Protocol

Void Is a privacy protocol on Terra Blockchain. Void Protocol gives users control over financial anonymity, as an opt-in financial privacy service.

Why GT Invested

As everyday users of blockchain technology, we believe in financial privacy and the benefit it brings to user anonymity. When we first learnt about Void Protocol, we could immediately see market fit and the problem they were trying to solve.

White Whale

White Whale is a platform that enables the enforcement of the UST peg in a decentralised manner by providing the technical tools which allow regular users to participate in complex trading strategies such as arbitrage. By opening up L1 seigniorage arbitrage to the Terra community and empowering them to earn delta-neutral profits while simultaneously contributing to keeping the peg, we will make the entire Terra ecosystem more secure, robust, and efficient.

Why GT Invested

Arbitrage is usually something only institutional players take part in. White Whales mission is to give this highly profitable opportunity to retail investors. This is a unique project creating a unique profitable tool for the community.